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Special withe water spring / autumn offer

A half-day, a full day or a weekend of white water with family or friends
A half-day, a full day or a weekend of white water with family or friends?

Special withe water from 75 €

1/2 day Rafting on the most beautiful courses of the Ubaye, 1 day Rafting, canoeing / kaya-rafting or swimming on the Ubaye, rafting Trilogy 2 days Rafting or itinerant rafting Raft + Canyon, it's up to you to choose your formula.

Discover all the datasheets and details of the services.

We are at your disposal to concoct together a program à la carte.


White water formulas full day or weekend

Download datasheets to discover all the details of the service. Programs are indicative, we are at your disposal to whip together a program map.
Price "package / raft" is applicable from a full crew of 6 people.

Prestation Parcours The datasheet Duration Prices
Magnifique Ubaye
A half day rafting
After having welcomed you and familiarised yourselves with the equipment and necessary techniques, we will commence our journey by descending through the Rio-Clar (class II-III) followed by "Ex-infrans de la Fresquiere" (classe IV-V)
leading up to the fabulous gorges of the Martinet-Lauzet ( class III-IV).
pdf 3h30 85 € / pers
Forfait 6 pers :
480 €
100% Rafting
A full day rafting,
Ubaye and Bachelard
The program "Magnifique Ubaye" in raft in the morning
+ Afternoon rafting on the Bachelard,
Torrent which flows at the bottom of a splendid gorge of the Park of Mercantour.
pdf 3h + 2h30 110 € / pers
600 € / 6 pers
Ubaye multiple
A whitewater multi-activity day
The "Ubaye multiple" program in raft in the morning
+ Afternoon canoeing / kaya-raft or whitewater swimming
On the courses of Haute-Ubaye
pdf 3h + 2h30 110 € / pers
Forfait 6 pers :
600 €
Raft Trilogie
2 days Itinerant navigation
in raft.
Itinerant navigation in raft on three rivers the Ubaye, the Bachelard
And depending on the water level: Le Guil (Queyras) or Haut Var (Gorges de Daluis).
pdf 2 x 5h30 160 € / pers
Forfait 6 pers :
900 €
Family Aventure
Day or half day
Rafting, kayak / canoraft, Stand Up Paddle with parents and children (from 8 years) with picnic (not included). Embark and taste in the river on the Ubaye or the Durance pdf 5h ou 3h Forfait 8 pers :
1/2 j. : 380 €
1 journée :
600 €
Raft + Canyon
2 days
2 days to discover white water sports!
1 day rafting + 1 day canyoning
pdf 5h30 + 4h30 142 € / pers.
Forfait 6 pers :
810 €
White water and Canyon
2 days
The "Ubaye multiple" program in raft in the morning + afternoon canoeing / kaya-raft or swimming in white water on the courses of the Upper Ubaye and 1 day of canyoning pdf 5h30 + 4h30 150 € / pers.
6 pers :
858 €