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Stand Up Paddle - SUP at Lauzet-Ubaye lake

Paddle near the river Ubaye on lake Lauzet-Ubaye
Paddle near the river Ubaye on lake Lauzet-Ubaye

Paddle at Lauzet-Ubaye lake
from € 10

In a natural setting, on the lake of Lauzet - Ubaye, while gliding, evolve in SUP on a lake.

New this year, the "Big Sup", a bigger, more stable board, for families and buddies who want to have fun!

It is also an effective way to improve your physical condition, to discover new sensations, a unique vision ...

Respect the tranquility of the environment. Come "walk on the water"!

Stand Up Paddle "Discovery"

1 hour in Stand Up Paddle with initiation of the different techniques to the paddle, propulsion, rotation, support, exercises and equilibrium games.

"Paddle Fitness"

Due to your position on the surf, in balance and smoothness, the proposed Fitness sequence promotes a proprioception work that multiplies the effectiveness of the movements.

45 minutes of proprioception exercises on the board (legs, abs, glutes, arms, cardio) Stretching and relaxation. At the end of the session 15 mn of free navigation on the Water level.

The programs and the Fitness, Boot Camp sessions are developed and animated by Béa, our state-certified sports coach.

Our base is located under the hotel "La Lauzetane", the activity takes place on the lake of Lauzet.


Paddle prices

Session Duration Prices
Paddle Fitness
Degressive rates depending on the number of sessions
45 mn + 15 mn € 25
Stand Up Paddle "Discovery" 1 hour € 25
Stand Up Paddlle Fitness
Paddle Ubaye / paddle Barcelonnette / paddle Embrun

Stand Up Paddle Rental

Provision of our wide range of composite boards, inflatables, race...

Composite boards, inflatables, race... Duration Prices
1 person 1h € 15
1/2h € 10
paddle big up
paddle big up

New paddle ! : Big Sup

Between 4 and 5 people the Big Sup allows a relaxing or sporting excursion with family and having fun between friends!

It is also suitable for people not necessarily comfortable standing, for an initiation accompanied all smoothly.

Tarifs paddle

A partir de 3 pers.

Durée Prix
1h  € 13 /pers + 3 pers. € 10 /pers
1/2h € 10 /pers + 3 pers.   € 8 /pers

Where to find paddle base at Lauzet-Ubaye

We are located just under the hotel La Lauzetane, on the edge of Lake Lauzet-Ubaye.